APPUiO Cloud is based on OpenShift 4, the latest Kubernetes distribution from Red Hat, and follows the approach Namespace as a Service.

  • Instant On

    Get your own OpenShift namespace in minutes, ready to use.

  • Pay per Use

    Only pay for the resources you actually use; see our price model for more information.

  • Multi Cloud

    The APPUiO Cloud Platform is available in different availability zones: currently and .

  • Swissness

    APPUiO is available in different zones, also in Swiss data centers that are ISO27001 certified and operate in accordance with Swiss banking regulators (FINMA).

  • Security

    When using the APPUiO Cloud Platform you’re benefiting from SELinux, Cilium, Two-Factor Authentication and Let’s Encrypt. The newest Security Updates are applied regularly.

  • Community Support

    Need help? Check out our APPUiO Cloud forums and community chat . For those needing more help, there are support packages available at extra cost.

Included Services

  • TCP and UDP Traffic

    With the Kubernetes Service Type Load Balancer , every service (TCP and UDP) can be made accessible on the internet. The availability depends on the respective APPUiO Cloud Zone.

  • Let’s Encrypt Certificates

    APPUiO enables you to configure valid SSL-certificates signed by Let’s Encrypt into your routes at the push of a button. Then APPUiO takes care of updating the certificates (validation period: 3 months).

  • Kubernetes Operator

    APPUiO Cloud provides the Kubernetes operators K8up and Cert Manager pre-installed and pre-configured.

  • Persistent Storage

    Different storage classes allow the use of persistent storage. The available storage depends on the zone. More information can be found in the APPUiO Cloud User Documentation .

  • User Management

    Organize your namespaces in teams and organizations, and assign users to those teams; control who can access which namespaces at a glance.

  • APPUiO Community

    Become part of the terrific APPUiO Community including a free membership in the Hannelore fan club.

Price Calculator

Additional Services

On request

  • Support Packages

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  • Managed Services

  • Upgrade on APPUiO Managed or Self Managed

  • CI/CD Pipeline Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for the Red Hat Subscription as well?

No, the Red Hat subscriptions are included in our price.

How do I get an APPUiO Cloud Account?

To obtain an APPUiO Cloud Account fill out the contact form. Once verified you will receive a login from us.

How often do you charge / When will I get bills?

We bill the past month at the beginning of each month.

What is backupped?

Backup all your work with the free pre-installed K8up operator , and benefit form the extensive choice of OpenShift operators to protect your data.

What is monitored?

The cluster as a whole as well as each indiviual component is constantly monitored.

Where can I review running costs?

Coming later into APPUiO Cloud Portal, for more info see