OpenShift 4 Project as a Service

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  • Instant On

    Get your own OpenShift namespace in minutes, ready to use.

  • Pay per Use

    Only pay for the resources you actually use; see our price model for more information.

  • Multi Cloud

    The APPUiO Cloud Platform is available in different availability zones: currently and .

  • Swissness

    APPUiO is available in different zones, also in Swiss data centers that are ISO27001 certified and operate in accordance with Swiss banking regulators (FINMA).

  • Security

    When using the APPUiO Cloud Platform you’re benefiting from SELinux, Cilium, Two-Factor Authentication and Let’s Encrypt. The newest Security Updates are applied regularly.

  • Community Support

    Need help? Check out our APPUiO Cloud forums and community chat . For those needing more help, there are support packages available at extra cost.

Included Services

  • TCP and UDP Traffic

    With the Kubernetes Service Type Load Balancer , every service (TCP and UDP) can be made accessible on the internet. The availability depends on the respective APPUiO Cloud Zone.

  • Let’s Encrypt Certificates

    APPUiO enables you to configure valid SSL-certificates signed by Let’s Encrypt into your routes at the push of a button. Then APPUiO takes care of updating the certificates (validation period: 3 months).

  • Kubernetes Operator

    APPUiO Cloud provides the Kubernetes operators K8up and Cert Manager pre-installed and pre-configured.

  • Persistent Storage

    Different storage classes allow the use of persistent storage. The available storage depends on the zone. More information can be found in the APPUiO Cloud User Documentation .

  • User Management

    Organize your namespaces in teams and organizations, and assign users to those teams; control who can access which namespaces at a glance.

  • APPUiO Community

    Become part of the terrific APPUiO Community including a free membership in the Hannelore fan club.

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Additional Services (upon request)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for the Red Hat Subscription as well?

No, the Red Hat subscriptions are included in our price.

How do I get an APPUiO Cloud Account?

To open an APPUiO Cloud Account go to and use your preferred identity provider. This video explains in detail how to proceed.

How often do you charge / When will I get bills?

We bill the past month at the beginning of each month.

What is backed up?

Backup all your work with the free pre-installed K8up operator , and benefit form the extensive choice of OpenShift operators to protect your data.

What is monitored?

The cluster as a whole as well as each indiviual component is constantly monitored.

Where can I review running costs?

Coming later into APPUiO Cloud Portal, for more info see