Your own APPUiO Managed Private Cluster in your CC on-premises or in the cloud of your choice. APPUiO takes care of the setup, operation of the container platform and lets you concentrate on your core business.

  • Gain time

    Gain time

    Finally you can concentrate on the development of the application and not on its operation.

  • Speed


    Quick provision of applications & micro-services.

  • Automation


    Automation of applications’ development and easily scalable.

  • DevOps


    Devs profit when it comes to development and Ops when it comes to container operations.

  • Flexibilität


    Free choice from cloud providers or on-premises (own data center).

  • Know-how


    Personal contact person and know-how sharing.

Included Services

With APPUiO Managed you get your own Managed Private Cluster in the cloud of your choice or on-premises and you can leave the operation to the professionals. Through the Open Source technologies Kubernetes and Docker APPUiO is easily integrateable into existing development environments. APPUiO increases speed through shorter lifecycles, automatization & self-service. With APPUiO Managed you can fully concentrate on your business - on the application.

  • APPUiO Managed

    OpenShift as a Service with many additonal Managed Services.

  • Basis for DevOps

    Connect Development and Operations and together satisfy client needs.

  • Phone and e-mail support

    APPUiO supports you gladly and on you can check the Public platform’s status anytime.

  • Proactive Management

    Our professionals detect problems immediately and take care of updates and server management.

  • Data Location according to Your Demand

    On-premises in your CC or in the public cloud of your choice

  • Backup

    One time daily we back up all the relevant data, if you wish additionally in a second location

Additional Services

  • Consulting

    We help with the set-up, initialisation and operations

    Price on request

  • Bring my App to the Cloud

    We advise on whether or not to containerize an application

    Price on request

  • Automation of processes

    We support with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment of your application

    Price on request

APPUiO Managed Platform

We would love to get in touch with you! Do let us know-how we can reach you. Your data will be kept confidentially, and will not be shared with third parties.