You want to build your own container platform but lack the necessary know-how? Then we are the right partner for you. We will be happy to support you in planning, setting up, and operating the platform. Besides, we show your developers how to best use the new container platform.

  • Know-how

    Know How

    We are a personal partner and know-how sharer.

  • Long-lived Experience

    Long-lived Experience

    Since the Beta phase of OpenShift we work with and advise firms.

  • Flexibility


    Free choice of cloud providers or on-premises (own CC).

  • DevOps


    Devs profit from development and Ops in container operations.

  • Learning Organisation

    Learning Organisation

    We transfer learnings from other projects into new mandates. We love new challenges.

  • Long-lived Support

    Long-lived Support

    We accompany our clients over longer time periods with constant experts.

Included Services

  • Architecture Workshop

    Together we define the architecture. Perfectly matching your infrastructure.

  • Setup of the Platform

    Together we build the defined platform, either on POC, Dev or Prod.

  • Know-How Transfer

    The transfer of know-how is all important to us. Our goal is for our customers to be able to operate their infrastructure themselves.

  • Documentation of Setups

    Together, we document the architecture so that our customers have all the necessary information at hand at all times.

  • Integration in Monitoring

    On Request the platform can be integrated in the desired monitoring tool

  • Support in Daily Business

    We further gladly long-term support our clients in engineering or operations of the platform

Additional Services

  • Operations Training

    In a two-day hands-on lab, we share the most useful tips and tricks for running an OpenShift platform. From a cluster update to configuration best practices.

    Price on request

  • Dev Training

    During two days we show the developers how the advantages of an OpenShift platform can be used properly. Hands-on we deploy applications, build CI/CD pipelines, backups and more.

    Price on request

  • 3rd Level Support

    Do you need support from experts who know your platform and speak your language? We are happy to offer you our support.

    Our Offer

    Preis on request

APPUiO Self-Managed Platform

Your Self-Managed APPUiO offer sounds interesting. I would like a personal consultation.