Application Migration and Modernization

In the “Application Migration and Modernization Techlab” the participants learn by means of presentations and Hands-on labs how applications in their system landscape can be brought to the new container platform. It will be shown which basic architectural principles have to be considered in order to really exploit the flexibility and features of the container platform. Using a catalogue of criteria, they also learn about the different types of migration.

Dates & general conditions

The full day Application Migration and Modernization on APPUiO / OpenShift Techlab is free of charge.

Appointments are made on request only. Please contact if you are interested.

Target audience

The Techlab addresses OpenShift and Kubernetes Engineers with developer focus. Basic knowledge in the field of container platform should be available. This Techlab is based on the OpenShift Techlab .

Learning Objectives

  • Know the basic criteria to be observed when migrating and deploying an application to a container platform.
  • Learn about advanced Kubernet and OpenShift concepts which are necessary to run applications on OpenShift.
  • Architectural best practices for containerized applications are taught


Together with the expert, the following content will be covered using a mixture of presentation and Hands-on labs.

  • Presentation

    • Short introduction to OpenShift and Container
    • Show types of migration (catalogue of criteria)
    • 12 factor apps and best practices for modern applications
    • What needs special attention when migrating workload to a container platform?
  • Labs

    • Containerization of an application to Best Practices

    • Build and deploy an application on OpenShift

    • CI/CD

      • CI/CD using various examples of best practices
      • OpenShift Pipelines
      • GitOps
    • Operating aspects

      • Requests and limits
      • Monitoring and Application Metrics
      • Autoscaling
      • Backup
      • Cron Jobs
      • Debugging


All participants need a laptop (dual-core processor, min. 2GB RAM) with admin rights (required for Container and Kubernetes installation). A prior installation of ‘oc-tool’ is recommended.


The Techlab is held in English.