A container platform changes the way we develop, deliver and operate software. Puzzle presents OpenShift 4 - the container platform from Red Hat - in a Techlab.

Dates & general conditions

The participation is free of charge. Please bring your laptop for the lab. The number of seats is limited.

There are currently no planned events

Target audience

The OpenShift Techlab is for anyone who wants to understand how a containerized application can be deployed and run on OpenShift.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how OpenShift and Kubernetes work
  • Making your first experiences on OpenShift
  • Deploy a first application


In the first part of the Techlab, participants will learn the most important concepts underlying OpenShift. Afterwards, what has been learned can be directly applied in the Hands-on labs. Initial applications will be deployed and configured to demonstrate the possibilities that OpenShift offers to developers and operators.

  • Presentation

    • Containers
    • OpenShift
    • Architecture
    • Differences between OpenShift 3.11 and 4
    • Workshop
  • Labs

    • Workshop
    • Install OpenShift CLI
    • First steps on the Lab platform
    • Deploy a container image
    • Create routes
    • Scaling
    • Troubleshooting
    • Deploy and connect database
    • Integrate code changes directly via Webhook
    • Connect and use Persistent Storage for database
    • Application templates
    • Create your own templates

    Additional Labs

    • Cron Jobs in OpenShift
    • ConfigMaps
    • Operators
    • Own OpenShift development environment


All participants need a laptop (dual-core processor, min. 2GB RAM) with admin rights (required for Container and Kubernetes installation).


The presentation can be held in German or English. The labs are written in German, but Google Translate translates them in a way that is easy to understand.