Expert hosting for expert software engineers.

APPUiO is the leading Kubernetes-based container hosting platform for the design, development and operation of applications.

Try APPUiO now for free and improve the collaboration between software development and operations organization according to the DevOps approach.



You are an expert in software engineering, we have the expert hosting for you.

Bring your application to the cloud

APPUiO helps you to bring your applications into the cloud, increase productivity and promote innovation.

Moving your application to the cloud increases flexibility, accessibility and security while reducing maintenance costs.​

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Cloud Native & Container Technology​

Cloud-native and container technology improve scalability and efficiency by enabling the seamless deployment, management and scaling of applications in different environments.

They also promote faster development cycles and improve resource utilization through lean, portable containers.

Be ready today for tomorrow!

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Let's grow together

APPUiO grows with your needs. APPUiO relies on the leading Kubernetes distribution Red Hat OpenShift.

Benefit from the advantages of APPUiO today and make your customers and users happy!

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Container hosting from experts for experts

Run any containerized software, use our wide range of additional services and benefit from separate projects and environments.

Run any software

Run any containerized software like PHP, Python, Java, Go, Rust, etc.

Large selection of services

Large selection of additional services like databases, caches, queues, and more.

Separate projects and environments

Projects and environments are separated in access control and billing.

Advantages with APPUiO

Based on proven open source concepts such as Docker and Kubernetes, APPUiO supports you in operating your application. This accelerates development, deployment and operating processes through automation and self-service.

Quick to market

With APPUiO, you can build, test and deploy your application automatically. You also save time when monitoring and updating. Releases can be carried out as required. 

Promoting collaboration

With continuous delivery and the self-service infrastructure, APPUiO promotes collaboration between devs and ops. Applications can be deployed and operated in-house. 

Uniform and open

Does the development environment on your laptop look different from the production environment? With APPUiO, your environments are standardized. Open standards and open source are the basis of our platform. 

Self service

You can order your platform at the touch of a button and use it directly. You are independent of other teams/persons and enjoy full control. Get started with your container platform right now! 

High security

APPUiO uses SELinux, Let's Encrypt and strong authentication with 2FA. The data can be stored in ISO-certified data centers in Switzerland.

Cost savings

If you use APPUiO, there are no internal costs for setting up a platform or building up expertise. The costs are always transparent and you can control and adjust them at any time via the portal. 


We act out of conviction.

No lock-in

There is no lock-in and only open standards. If you are not satisfied, deploy the container elsewhere or on-premises. Your investment in Docker, CI and Kubernetes is not lost.

Open standards

We rely exclusively on open standards. We love and live Open Source and contributen.

Security & privacy

Security and privacy are top priorities at APPUiO.

We take care of you

Security, data protection and compliance are our top priorities.

Sovereignty & compliance

Data sovereignty and compliance are very important to us.

Multiple availability zones

APPUiO has several availability zones.

Support & documentation

APPUiO offers detailed support documentation.

Who uses APPUiO?

APPUiO helps you to bring your applications into the cloud, increase productivity and promote innovation.

APPUiO relies on the Kubernetes distribution Red Hat OpenShift. You too can benefit from APPUiO!

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