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OpenShift Project as a Service

APPUiO is based on Red Hat OpenShift and includes many features that are not available in other Kubernetes-based platforms. Therefore, APPUiO already includes features and capabilities that are not explicitly mentioned or explained on this website. You can find out more in the official Red Hat OpenShift documentation.

Instant On

Get your own Kubernetes namespace in just a few seconds, ready for immediate use.

Pay per Use

Only pay for the resources you actually use; you can find more information in our pricing.

Multi Cloud

APPUiO Cloud is available in different zones: currently on Cloudscale and Exoscale.


APPUiO is available in various zones, including ISO27001-certified data centers in Switzerland built in accordance with FINMA guidelines.


On the APPUiO Cloud platform, you benefit from SELinux, Cilium, Two-Factor Authentication and Let's Encrypt. The latest security updates are installed regularly.


Do you need help? Contact us via the contact form. We will also be happy to advise you on our fee-based support packages.

Included in APPUiO

You want to get a ready-to-use OpenShift namespace in just a few minutes and only pay for the resources you actually use?

Free SSL Certificates

Load balancer

High availability

Backup & self-service restore

Docker container

 Your own domain or subdomain

Monitoring & maintenance of the infrastructure

Logging & metrics

GUI, API and CLI with open standards

Simple management of users and access rights

Grafana LGTM: logs, Grafana, traces, metrics

Email/ticket-based support

APPUiO documentation - all the technical details.

Visit the APPUiO Docs for all technical details and instructions.

Included in the offer

APPUiO helps you to bring your applications into the cloud, increase productivity and promote innovation.

APPUiO relies on the Kubernetes distribution Red Hat OpenShift. You too can benefit from APPUiO!

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