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Frequently asked questions

To open an APPUiO Cloud account, go to portal.appuio.cloud and use your preferred identity provider GitHub, Microsoft or Google. This video explains in detail how to proceed.

You simply deploy your Docker container. For the first steps, take a look at our getting started guide.

We use Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Enterprise Kubernetes Distribution for multi-tenancy and role-based access control, Cilium Enterprise Software Defined Networking (SDN) and network policies, Keycloak for Identity and Access Management (IAM), Kyverno policies for organization management, K8up.io for backups and a custom TypeScript application for our portal that manages projects, organizations and teams.

OpenShift is the container platform and Kubernetes distribution from Red Hat. It is based on proven open source projects such as OCI and Kubernetes. OCI compatible container images can be created with Buildah or Docker .

No, the subscriptions are included in the price.

Secure all your work with the free pre-installed K8up Operator and benefit from the large selection of OpenShift Operators to protect your data. See https://docs.appuio.cloud/user/how-to/use-k8up.html for further info.

The entire cluster and the associated components are monitored.

Currently at Cloudscale in Lupfig AG and Exoscale in Geneva GE, Switzerland. See APPUiO Cloud Zones.

The last month is settled at the beginning of each month.

Only pay for the resources you actually use. This means that an empty project is actually free, you only pay for the running containers, storage and services.

VSHN - The DevOps Company has many software development customers who require hosting, 24x7 application operations and other managed services. With APPUiO we want to offer the best hosting solution for experienced software engineers.

We encrypt all your data before we store it with the cloud provider specified in the description of the APPUiO zone. You have the choice between Cloudscale.ch in Lupfig, AG, Schweiz, and Exoscale.ch in Geneva, GE, Switzerland. Do you need the data at a different location? Please contact us!

How long has APPUiO been around? We launched APPUiO in January 2016. You can find out more about our history at about us.

Technical details can be found on the documentation page at​ docs.appuio.cloud .

Where can I find the roadmap? 

See roadmap.appuio.cloud. Your feedback is highly welcome!

You can find the documentation at docs.appuio.cloud. This is taken from the Github repo generated and continuously updated. Suggestions and additions are always welcome. 

APPUiO used to be called APPUiO Cloud and even earlier APPUiO Public.

APPUiO Managed has been renamed to VSHN Managed OpenShift.

APPUiO Self-Managed: Puzzle ITC will continue to provide all its existing self-managed and consulting services under the Puzzle brand.

APPUiO is a brand and a product of VSHN - The DevOps Company. We are based in Zurich, Switzerland, and Vancouver, Canada.

APPUiO comes from "App" as in application, and "ujo" is Esperanto for container - i.e. "application container".

APPUiO helps you to bring your applications into the cloud, increase productivity and promote innovation.

APPUiO setzt auf die Kubernetes-Distribution Red Hat OpenShift. Profitiere auch du von APPUiO!

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