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VSHN is the operator of APPUiO and the leading Swiss partner for DevOps, Containers & Kubernetes. VSHN (pronounced like "vision") was founded to fundamentally change the hosting market. As a lean startup, we focus on operating IT platforms through automation, agility and continuous improvement. Location-independent and without our own hardware, we operate applications agilely and 24/7 on any infrastructure so that software developers can concentrate on their business. 

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VSHN Acquires APPUiO from Puzzle

VSHN takes over APPUiO from Puzzle and develops it further as an expert hosting solution. Read the whole press release.

The history of APPUiO


On July 10, 2024, VSHN takes over the APPUiO brand from Puzzle and continues to develop APPUiO as expert hosting for software development experts.


April 2023: Self sign-up and invitations on APPUiO Cloud


September 2024: Availability of VSHN Application Catalog on APPUiO Cloud


February 2022: General availability of the second zone of the APPUiO Cloud: Exoscale - CH-GVA-2 0, located in the canton of Geneva


December 2021: Partnership with Isovalent


September 2021: APPUiO turns 5 and APPUiO Cloud is launched


July 2021: Partnership with acrevis


October 2020: APPUiO offers Application Migration and Modernization Techlabs


June 2020: Productive workload with OpenShift 4


June 2019: OpenShift 4.1 available.


May 1, 2018: Amazee.io offers a Drupal web hosting platform with microservices based on APPUiO in over 16 countries.


APPUiO goes live on September 13, 2016.


March 3, 2016: Launch APPUiO Beta at the Voxxed Days Zurich


16.6.2015: Puzzle and VSHN meet at the Open Cloud Day and start the development of APPUiO

In 2016, VSHN and Puzzle ITC joined forces and founded APPUiO. Marketed as APPUiO - Swiss Container Platform, the project grew appuio.ch steadily over the years

Puzzle and VSHN invested heavily in the brand, products and services as well as in a joint marketing presence. During this time, we have been able to write many success stories together and welcome numerous satisfied customers, such as Adcubum, Swiss Post and Mobiliar. We are very grateful for this success and would like to thank all those who have joined APPUiO on this journey and share our vision of the power of collaboration.

Over the years, APPUiO's offering has changed considerably, which sometimes makes it difficult for customers and partners to understand exactly what APPUiO is and by whom the products and services are offered.

Until now, APPUiO was divided into the APPUiO Cloud, APPUiO Managed (both offered by VSHN) and APPUiO Self-Managed (offered by Puzzle) offerings. Both VSHN with its managed services business and Puzzle with its service business want to further strengthen their competencies in the future and highlight them more clearly for customers.

In order to streamline the product and service portfolio of both companies, VSHN acquired the trademark rights to APPUiO from Puzzle in June 2024 to sharpen the brand and focus exclusively on the previously known product APPUiO Cloud, which is now marketed as APPUiO - Expert Hosting Platform.

APPUiO helps you to bring your applications into the cloud, increase productivity and promote innovation.

APPUiO relies on the Kubernetes distribution Red Hat OpenShift. You too can benefit from APPUiO!

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